Covid-19 vaccine: where are we?

Scientists all around the world are racing to produce a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19 while the virus killed more than 700 000 people in the whole world.
26 vaccines are in human trials with good results, but none of them is certain so far.

What are the most advanced researches?

Lately, Russia announced it had finished to develop the first vaccine against COVID-19.
But World Health Organisation warns, saying there isn’t enough results and tests to qualify this vaccine safe and effective.

The immunity it provides can not be shown.
The USA, China and Europe are also in the race.
The USA has invested a lot of money in research to develop a vaccine. And their results are promising with only a few side-effects as headaches, pain in the arm, tiredness, chills or fever.
Europe and China also have promising results without a lot of side-effects.

What technologies are used to develop a vaccine?

Viral Vector Vaccines: Vaccines that use a virus to deliver coronavirus genes into cells and provoke an immune response.
Protein-Based Vaccines: Vaccines that use a coronavirus protein or a protein fragment to provoke an immune response.
Genetic Vaccines: Vaccines that use one or more of the coronavirus’s own genes to provoke an immune response.

When will the vaccine be ready?

Vaccines typically require years of research and testing before reaching the clinic. But the sanitary crisis we are going through, made the development going faster. However, trials are an uncompressible step. So, a safe vaccine could be produced by next year.

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